Associate what you have learned about the theories to this case study.

Learning Theories Interactive Case study. Associate what you have learned about the theories to this case study.

Aminah Rachedi (nurse educator)
Recently appointed to position as nurse educator at local community hospital. This is a first lead role at this hospital. She just completed master’s degree in nursing education and eager to apply her knowledge. Chief of nursing officer has invited her in to discuss of lack of quality and consistency in existing training of volunteers for the hospital volunteer program. The CNO would like to nursing education to take over training. Therefore, CNO charged to Aminah(educator)developing new training course for hospital volunteers. Aminah recognized this is particular challenges because of the diversity of the students.
Her current volunteers
1. 2 high school students
2. College intern majoring in kinesiology
3. 2 stay-at –home moms
4. Retired bus driver
5. Retired soft-ware developer

When developing a class for an audience with different learning styles and age groups, a variety of learning strategies are needed/ the auditory learner would not appreciate the printed material, while the kinetic will not be comfortable in a formal setting with no breaks or movement. The analytical learner needs a quiet environment while the global learner needs periods of relaxation, soft lightning, and snacks to learn.

Diversity of learning styles- Developmental psychology theories: this would be difficult to label with just one theory. The content of the chapter illustrates the diverse ways that people learn. The theories from developmental psychology (PP. 405-406) would also be applicable.
Adult learners- Adult learning theory: Adult learning theory (PP.402-204). Note especially the relationship between experience and motivation (P.403)
Reason and motivation –
Cognitive filed theory: Cognitive filed theory states “motivation is key to learning” (P.393)
Physical skills – Behavioral theories: Psychomotor skills are one of the three categories of learning. One of the behavioral learning theories could be applied because they focus on the observable and measurable aspects of human behavior (P.388).

Textbook: McEwen,M., &Wills,E.M (2014) Theoretical basis for nursing(4th ed).
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