Describe how each of these employees would relate to that motivation theory.

There has been an increase in employee dissatisfaction in the company. Your supervisor has asked you to develop a plan to increase motivation for two employees in your department. You have surveyed the employees to learn more about what they value and what is important to them in the workplace.
Below are the lists of their workplace priorities. Items are listed in order, with the items at the top of the list being more important than the items further down on the list. You have also made a few notes based on your observations of their work history and performance.
Discuss the following points in a report (Microsoft Word) to your supervisor:

Discuss the leadership style you have used with each employee. (Use the two leadership style articles in the readings.)
From the readings, choose the theory of motivation that you feel would be most effective to use with each employee and explain your reasons.
Describe how each of these employees would relate to that motivation theory. For example, if you used Maslow’s theory, on which level would you place each employee and why?
Determine two ways that you might motivate each employee. Your existing budget does not allow you to offer raises, and there are no open positions above these employees’ positions at this time, so promotions would not be an option. Discuss your motivation ideas for each employee, and explain why you think your motivators would be effective.

Robert M.
Top Motivators

Improved salary/wages
Safe work environment
Job security
Health and life insurance
Good relationship with supervisor(s)

Performance Notes

Robert has worked in your department for the past 5 years.
He usually only misses one or two days per year, but this past year, he has missed 6 days.
Robert had received above average annual evaluations for the first three years, but those evaluations have slipped in the past two years.
He appears to like his job and gets along well with his co-workers and management. Robert tends to shy away from leadership roles, but has taken part in a few team projects where he seemed to enjoy some success.

Juanita R.
Top Motivators

Challenging work
Opportunities to learn new skills and gain knowledge
More authority and independence
Increased chances for advancement/promotions
Good relationship with supervisor(s)

Performance Notes

Juanita has worked in the department for 3 years.
She has missed no days since she was hired for this position.
She continues to receive exceptional annual evaluations.
She shows enthusiasm, drive, and a passion for her work. She gets along well with everyone and has been asked to lead three successful team projects




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