Determine the topic for the podcast you’ll develop. 3. If necessary, gather information on your topic.

PODCAST For your next speech assignment, you must create a fiveminuteinformative podcast for a website. A podcastis a digital media file distributed over the Internet. The file can be played back on a computer or an appropriate portable player. Although you won’t actually be putting your file on a website, you should prepare it as if you were going to do that. Preparing, Recording, and Submitting Your Speech Use the following procedure to complete this assignment: 1. Search the Internet for a website on a topic that interests you or on one with which you’re familiar. 2. Determine the topic for the podcast you’ll develop. 3. If necessary, gather information on your topic. If you use outside sources, be sure to give them credit in your speech. 4. Make a list of the main points you want to address. 5. Write your thesis statement. 6. Choose an organizational pattern, and then outline the main points and subpoints of your speech. A speech can be organized in many different ways. To ensure that the audience can make the most sense of your speech, you should choose from one of these four organizational patterns: n Time sequence:Ordering your speech chronologically n Narrative order: Using a series of stories that contribute to making a point n Topical order:Presenting your material in general terms and then following that with more and more specific topics n Reasoning: Using a logical approach or presenting information in a format that says, “If this, then that.” Speech44 7. Create a strong introduction and conclusion. 8. Prepare at least two presentation aidsto use during your speech. Audio/video aids shouldn’t be longer than 30 seconds for five minute speeches. 9. Practice your speech in front of some friends or relatives. Ask them for feedback on your presentation. If necessary, revise your speech based on the input you receive. 10. Once you’ve rehearsed your speech and you’re satisfied with your delivery, record the speech. a. Begin the recording by reading the sentences below. Fill in the blanks as you read. The website for which I’m preparing this podcast is _______ (give URL). The organizational pattern I’ve chosen is _______ (time order, narrative order, topic order, or logical reasons order). b. Pause a few seconds (count to five in your head), and then begin your speech. 11. Watch the recorded speech. Ensure that it fulfills the requirements for the assignment. 12. To upload your speech for grading, follow the instructions for uploading your project to your Digital Dropbox in the introduction to this study guide. The exam number for this speech is 25022500. Your instructor will ask the following questions in grading the speech. n Is the speech aimed at the audience of the website? n Does the speech clearly state the thesis statement? n Is the speech developed according to the chosen organizationalpattern? n Does the speech have a strong introduction? Conclusion?




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