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“Television More Oversexed Than Ever, Study Finds” by Lisa de Moraes

“A Desensitized Society Drenched in Sleaze” by Jeff Jacoby

“Hollow Claims About Fantasy Violence” by Richard Rhodes

Essay Prompt:

In these three texts, de Moraes, Jacoby, and Rhodes were each inspired to share their view on an aspect of the role of Sex and Violence in the media in Popular Culture. For this assignment, develop an argument that 1) expresses a position on an issue of sex and violence in popular culture and 2) supports your position with evidence from these texts and from your own personal experience. This is a 3-5 page paper.

As we have found, sex and violence in the media is an enormous issue and one that has many different parts. In order to say something specific, you will want to narrow your focus to one relevant aspect of media that you find particularly interesting. Questions to consider: Is it dangerous or damaging for children and teenagers to be exposed to messages of sex and violence? What responsibility should the media have (or not have) in forming these messages? What effects do messages of sex and violence have on children and teens in our society? Are these effects positive or negative? Should any actions be taken to resist these effects? What outcome might this resistance bring about?

Successful papers will:

o Use 2 outside sources to support the author’s argument,
o Introduce the issue and establish its relevance for discussion,
o Establish a clear thesis that defines the writer’s particular focus and declares the
writer’s position,
o Provide background information on the readings by establishing their main claims and primary support,
o Develop the writer’s argument with specific and accurate reference to the source
material (including direct quotes), as well as outside sources,
o Conclude effectively using the writer’s own words,
o Demonstrate comprehensive editing for clarity and standard written English.
o Have correct intext citation and a Works Cited page in MLA format.


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