Explain one health disparity or social justice issue related to quality

Explain one health disparity or social justice issue related to quality management in today’s health care arena related to this hospital. (This is the issue chosen by me: As part of Jackson Memorial Health System there is the Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital in charge of treating psychiatric disorders across the whole age spectrum in the community. As a nurse working in this facility I have noticed that beyond the wonderful community service offer by Jackson, the length of state of the psychiatric patients is often too short, and barely meaningful enough to stabilize their acute symptoms. I believe this has a lot to do with insurance coverages (research!), then this patients end up being discharged back to the community where the lack of structure, family support, substance abuse dependency issues and base line condition predispose them for a lack of compliance with the prescribed medication regime, and at the end they relapse back to their acute symptoms and end up coming back to the hospital very soon and frequently)

• Analyze the problem, system, or process to be improved ( Explained above in the previous paragraph in prentices)
o Address each of the following in your analysis: (The following bullets require reseach!)
? Regulatory, such as OSHA mandate
? Benchmarking
? Improved efficiency
? Patient satisfaction
? Life safety issue
My improvement plan: (Planned solution)
Create ambulatory psychiatric clinics that also hold urgent care type capabilities to provide discharged patients with follow up and medication supply and administration as a way to avoid relapsing on condition and consequent inpatient readmission with acute psychiatric episodes back again.
Stronger case management interventions would be needed to coordinate continuity of care of the patients in these clinics.
(The following bullets are related with my planned solution stated above, please research more in detail)
• Analyze a change theory, and incorporate it into your improvement plan.
• Analyze personal leadership theory and style, and incorporate them into your improvement plan.
• Evaluate system changes needed to implement your planned solution, including tools and technologies.
• Create an implementation plan, including a timeline, based on plan-do-study-act (PDSA/PDCA) cycle, including implementation strategies ( stated above), potential barriers(budget to create and maintain these clinics despite of Jackson being a public health system, insurance coverage ,etc) , and evaluation process.
Include at least five peer-reviewed references to support your research.
Format your paper according to APA guidelines




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