Formulate strategies that are aligned with the core values and the core purpose of the company’s vision and missions.

Step 1 Establish the Company’s Vision and Mission and values of coles

Know the company’s business goal and the exact ideas on which you’re planning. Some companies incorporate both vision and mission into one single statement or paragraph, while others create yearly mission statements in line with their business strategy for the year.

As you go about gathering ideas and developing your plans, understand these three basic principles to observe

Formulate strategies that are aligned with the core values and the core purpose of the company’s vision and missions.
Human resources are not just workforces to mobilize. They are real people with personal desires and ambitions, which is why they went through years of education and training. Now it’s up to the human resources department to recruit individuals whose interests, competencies and capabilities are attuned to the core values and purpose of the company. Nonetheless, the department is not expected to be always accurate in the recruitment assessment, which makes it important to keep assessment programs part of the staffing strategy.
Every employee desires to become a part of a business organization that is well-organized, which they could perceive as soon as they submit their applications for the recruitment process. They will experience this as they undergo the training initiatives and benefit from this through management’s performance. The best part about an organized company, is that the compensation being afforded to employees is paid as a form of recognition for their contributions.
Step 2 – Identify Strategic HR Issues of coles

Once a clear understanding of the department’s objectives, direction and key challenges is established, the next step in formulating the HRM Plan is to identify the department’s strategic HR issues. These are the key HR issues that will affect the department’s ability to achieve its strategic objectives. The HRM Plan will need to address how to manage these issues.

What to Do

Assess the HR implications of the findings of the strategic analysis. Identifying the HR issues Arising from the Strategic Analysis

Do people have the competencies to meet the strategic objectives? What new competencies are required?
How are superior performers differentiated from average performers? What systems are in place to track their performance?
How can below standard performers be guided/developed to upgrade their performance?
Are people being developed to meet the challenges of the future? What improvements need to be made?
Are people motivated to meet the current and future challenges? What is impacting their motivation? • Are the right people being attracted and retained to meet the future challenges? If not, what can be done to attract people of the right calibre?
Is the current culture aligned with the vision, mission, and values of the department?
Where is the misalignment?
Is the manpower level sufficient to meet the future business requirements?.
Step 3 manpower training of coles

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