How much will the online fax software cost?

Problem Statement Commonwealth Orthopaedics has a great problem. It is time to get rid of the manual fax machines and upgrade to online fax server software. Unfortunately, the manager cannot decide which online fax software to upgrade to. All of the vendors attempt to tantalize her with free trials, free 24 hour technical support, promises of internal efficiency, a money back guarantee, and end to paper use. How is she to choose? They are a busy orthopaedic clinic which has eleven office locations. Her staff is ready for an upgrade in technology but her budget is limited since there are so many office locations that need upgrading.

Overview of Alternatives The following two alternatives considered in this report meet Edna Padilla’s criteria: Alternative A – Zetafax: is a fax server software from Equisys. Users can send and receive faxes directly from their PC, and from email applications such as Microsoft Outlook 2010 or Lotus Notes. It is an award winning fax server software that delivers secure, fast and cost effective document distribution. Simple to install, easy to manage and highly reliable, Equisys has a proven track record in providing businesses with complete fax server solutions that generate real cost savings whilst streamlining their business processes.

Alternative B – Rightfax: a market leading network fax server software. It allows employees to fax and receive faxes from their desktop via email. It is a deep integration fax solution designed for the large enterprise, capable of efficiently handling high volumes of faxes. With a channel capacity of up to 1,024 channels, it can send extremely high volumes of faxes on a regular base.

Criteria The manager stressed that the following five criteria would be used to judge the feasibility of each alternative:

1. Cost – How much will the online fax software cost? Edna Padilla said that she did not want to spend more than $5000 for the eleven offices (consisting of 220 employees).

2. 24 hour technical support— What type of support do they offer? Edna Padilla noted that she needs every office to have 24 hour technical support access.

3. Money back guarantee— If employees are not satisfied, will they refund money? Since they are spending a lot of money, they want to make sure they are fully satisfied.

4. Free trial— Do they offer a trial period? Edna Padilla mentioned that they would like to try out the software before they buy it.

5. User friendly— Is the software easy to use and understand? There are some employees that aren’t tech savvy and it needs to be an easy transition from a manual fax machine.

Research Methods Research Methods included calls to each alternative to determine the pricing and what services they offer. The Internet websites of both alternatives were consulted in an effort to view their system compatibility, and to see if they had an promotions. Other websites were reviewed to research case studies and customer reviews. Meetings with both alternatives were also conducted so that they may get a feel for how busy the practice is, what their needs are, and to show them how many employees it would service.

Evaluation of Alternatives Cost Alternative A 1. Charged $4500 for a 250 user starter system- which includes a 1 year software assurance 2. Alternative A offers a greater cost savings by adding an additional 30 users for under the budged amount of $5000. Edna Padilla could take advantage of this deal.

Alternative B 1. Charged $4500 for a 200 user starter system –which offered no software assurance included 2. Adding an additional 50 users would cost $500 extra

24 hour technical support Alternative A 1. Offered free 24 hour technical support. Internet reviews indicated that customers appreciate round the clock technical support (“Customer Reviews: Zetafax 24 hour technical support”, 2014) 2. Offered no hidden fees-24 hour support for the lifetime of the software. It was verified that this alternative supported Edna Padilla’s need of technical help at any hour of the day.

Alternative B 1. Offered Technical support from 7am to 10pm 2. Fee of $50 per month for calls before and after their business hours.

Money back guarantee Alternative A 1. Provided a money back guarantee if not fully satisfied. 2. Offered no regret buying. Internet reviews confirmed that buyer’s remorse: “one man’s remorse is another man’s reminiscence (“Customer Reviews: Zetafax Buyers Remorse”, 2014) It was verified that there is nothing in trying this software. No money would be lost.

Alternative B 1. Offers a satisfaction guarantee- if not satisfied, they charge 10% for having the software uninstalled 2. Does not offer a full money back guarantee. Internet reviews confirmed that not offering a refund is a bad business practice (“Customer Reviews: Rightfax refund”, 2014) Free trial Alternative A 1. Offered free trials for 90 days 2. Offered full trial versions with a free demonstration video. Reviews on the internet show that demonstration videos are helpful to visual learners (“Customer Reviews: Zetafax Demo Videos”, 2014)

Alternative B 1. Offered free 30 day trials 2. However, it takes 4+ hours for the software to download, register and activate. Internet reviews indicated that longer waiting and download times lead to frustrated impatient customers (“Customer Reviews: Rightfax Download speed”, 2014)

User Friendly Alternative A 1. Offers easy to understand and easy to learn step by step process 2. Provides pictures and diagrams to follow. Edna Padilla’s employees could benefit from the visual learning.

Alternative B 1. Offers a more complex hard to follow process 2. Pictures and illustrations are not provided

Findings and Analysis While both Alternatives A and B offered faster copying capability and ability to send faxes from computer desktops that appealed to Edna Padilla and Commonwealth Orthopaedics employees, Alternative A offered a better discount by providing a $500 savings for a 250 user starter software. Additionally, Alternative B captivated with a free money back guarantee if not satisfied. Studies by (Lichterman, 2014) indicate that “some people want results, some want gratification, and some want happiness, but at the end of the day it all boils down to one thing: avoiding regret”. This is why Alternative A seemed a wiser choice when it came to choosing a money back guarantee. Customers should be refunded if they don’t like the software for any reason.

Another issue that had to be considered was choosing an alternative that was user friendly and easy to use. A product that’s difficult to figure out, inefficient to use, or poorly supported is not going to win much of a user base according to (Winestad, 2014). Employees are looking for simple to install, easy to update, efficient, pleasant, easy-to-navigate, doesn’t need third-party software, and easy to troubleshoot.

Free trial is another criterion to be considered. Alternative A’s free trial was 60 days more than that of Alternative B (Newland, 2013). Consequently, Alternative A seemed a wiser choice when it came to being able to use the software for a longer trial period.

It appears that Alternative A will satisfy all employees when it comes to needing technical support at any hour of the day. “When you know help is right around the corner it gives you a sense of relief” (Gonzales, 2012).

Figure 1: Graphic analysis of Findings Criteria Alternative A(Zetafax) Alternative B (Rightfax) Cost Low HIGH 24 Tech Support HIGH Low Money Back Guarantee HIGH None Free Trial HIGH Moderate User Friendly HIGH Moderate TOTAL FEASIBILTY HIGH Moderate- Low

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