Identify social media services or interaction that other like organizations have available on their websites.

Assignment Preparation: Activities include completing the Skillsoft® course, the job aid review, the reading review, independent student reading, and research.

Complete “Benefits of Social Media to Customer Focus” topic of the Skillsoft® course “Customer-Focused Interaction.”

Review the “Measuring Social Media’s ROI” Skillsoft® job aid.

Note. Click on the SkillSoft link and copy/paste the title of the course into the search box and specify “Courses” from the drop down menu.

Review Section 8.3, “Enterprise 2.0 – Social Networks and Tools for Business,” and Section “8.4 Social Media Metrics,” in Ch. 8, “Web 2.0 and Social Media,” of Information Technology for Management: Advancing Sustainable, Profitable Business Growth.

Resource: Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Networking Virtual Organization, or, an organization you are familiar with that you can research to identify their social media customer interaction

Identify the extent of social media, if any, that is used to communicate with customers or prospects to include customer service interaction.

Identify social media services or interaction that other like organizations have available on their websites.

Analyze the expected costs, to include network costs and software production or modification, and return on investment (ROI) of social media. Analysis is composed of breaking the issue into parts and describing how the parts relate to each other and to the whole issue.

Investigate how social networking sites, not hosted on the researched organization’s sites, might benefit the organization’s profitability or expand its community or customer base.

Prepare and submit a 1,400-word minimum analysis of the expected costs or investment and benefits or ROI of social media hosted by the researched organization to interact with customers and prospects, stakeholders, or their served community.

Include expected information systems network costs to include the development of mobile computing apps.

Consider including a graphic, such as a table or diagram, of the most valuable or income producing interactions with customers. Include your logic, perhaps in paragraph form, for why the interactions are the most valuable.

Purpose The purpose of this assignment is for students to create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation designed to convey the information from the Microsoft Word Project to an audience. The audience for this assignment is a group of your peers who are unfamiliar with the issue you are presenting. Please note that students must complete the Microsoft Word Project Assignment before starting this project. Content Requirements This assignment will reuse much of the content created for the Microsoft Word Lab Assignment, but shortened and formatted properly for a presentation. This presentation should:  contain a title slide including your full name, title of presentation (which may or may not be different than the title of your paper for the Microsoft Word Project Assignment), course and section number, instructor’s name, and the date  include at least ten slides of content (this does not include the title slide, bibliography slide, or final closing slide of the presentation). This content should: o include one or more slides introducing the issue you wrote about in the Microsoft Word Lab Assignment o include slides that describe all sides of the issue o follow good presentation design principles. Search the Web for credible resources that identify guidelines for creating good presentations, and adhere to those guidelines. o include at least one image (a photo or clipart) that helps explain a concept in your presentation and add visual appeal. Please note that images should not be used to replace information that should be conveyed in text format, but instead to help supplement the text in your slides  include citations, where appropriate, for content you pull from other sources (please note that Microsoft PowerPoint does not have a References tab, so you will need to enter the citations manually)  include a Works Cited (or Bibliography) slide that lists your sources. These sources most likely will be the same as your sources for the Microsoft Word Lab Assignment. In addition, you must cite the source you used to research good presentation design principles. Please note that Microsoft PowerPoint does not have a References tab, so you will need to enter the information on this slide manually. Do not copy and paste this information from your Word document.  include a final, closing slide in your presentation wrapping up the presentation. This should appear as the last slide, after the Works Cited/Bibliography slide Technical Requirements In addition to meeting the content requirements for this assignment, you also will need to demonstrate your proficiency of Microsoft PowerPoint by applying the following formatting

Cyber Bullying
The advancement in technology and globalization has introduced people with diversified forms of communicational tools. Some of the most effective communication mediums are text messages, emails, social networks, and other internet resources. These tools help people to stay connected with each other regardless of the physical distances. On the other hand, cyber communication has eased the flow of information and, now, everyone can get free information about almost everything on the internet. This free flow of information has also increased the bullying behaviors, expansion of rumors, and abusive behaviors among people. The bullying taken place over these communicational mediums is called cyber bullying and with the increase of the use of technology, cyber bullying is also causing serious threats to the personal and professional lives of the people [Stop Bullying (2015)]. Spamming over the email, texting someone the rumor of the death of someone close, fake profiles, embarrassing photographs, and calling someone names on online public places such as Facebook or Twitter are few examples of cyber bullying [Stop Bullying (2015)].
How Cyber bullying is different from face-to-face bullying
Cyber bullying is different from face-to-face bullying because cyber bullying can be done at any time of the day without the presence of other person even when the person is sitting alone somewhere [Stop Bullying (2015)]. Also, posts on social media are usually seen by group of people instantly that may result in even more severe consequences because nobody would like to get bullied in front of a group of people. All age of people are being affected by this but surveys show that majority of school-going kids face cyber bullying in one form or the other. Cyber bullying negatively impacts the self-esteem and intrinsic motivation of the victim and the efficiency of completing a practical task practically diminishes [Stop Bullying (2015)].

Cyber Bullies are difficult to track
Technology provides a wide range of tools to the consumers to hide their identities while communicating with someone. Texting or emailing someone anonymously is not very difficult these days so the tracking down of the bullies is very complex even for the law enforcement authorities of many states [Family Lives (2015)]. People make new fake profiles on social networks and message or talk to the friends of that person about their personal lives. Fake profiles and using someone else’s name is the easiest way of retrieving sensitive information [Family Lives (2015)]. Mobile companies are now focused on installing trackers in their devices but internet users are still free to roam around.
Cyber Bullying in Daily Life
People of all age are victims of cyber bullying these days. After getting back home from school, school friends would usually make groups to make fun of someone from school on Facebook pages and public statuses. Using inappropriate languages and directly attacking on self-respect harm self-respect of the victim. It is part of our everyday life because almost all of us now use mobile phones and internet and no matter what we cannot boycott these beautiful inventions. When we stay with the mainstream, we face such behaviors almost on the daily basis.
Implications of cyber bullying
Following are some of the prime implications of cyber bullying:
• Lower self-esteem
• Victims hate social gatherings and prioritize higher to stay alone
• Emotional instability
• High-tempered personality
• Inability to make logical arguments
• Inferiority complex
• Self-harm
• Anxiety
• Health problems
• Excessive use of drugs
[Family Lives (2015)]

My opinion about cyber bullying
Although cyber bullying is caused from the technological platforms but it’s the aggressive and violent nature of people that is the root cause of it. Depression and anxiety are two prime consequences of cyber bullying which lead an individual to total solitude and social acceptance. The victim believes that either he has some deficiencies in his personality and he must stay away from people due to it or he starts to hate his environment and neglects his social responsibilities. I think it is a very serious crime and must be regulated without any delay.
It is the responsibility of the parents to keep an eye on the activities of their children in school and at home. Parents must communicate with school management on the regular basis because kids being bullied usually do not speak to their parents about the issue. A child must be given emotional support and confidence to share everything with their parents in a friendlier manner. It is very important to make them feel important. If adults are being bullied, they should keep track of the people who bully them and if an anonymous person is bullying, then they must keep screen shots or pictures of the messages or the activity. If someone makes any anonymous threat or serious threat to you, you must not hesitate to call the police. Working professionals must involve their corporate management and HR departments in cyber bullying activities because it can directly affect the productive efficiency of an individual in the workplace environment.

In my opinion, free flow of the information and the concepts like freedom of speech has just intensified the bullying issue because now everyone has their excuses whatever they commit and due to unavailability of effective controls on cyber bullying, people are overly consuming their freedom of expression. Globally operating social networks such as Facebook, should add more regulations in this matter and more checks and balances are required on the forum. Fake profiles and using someone else’s information are very serious forms of cyber bullying.
The rate at which young kids and adults are facing cyber bullying, surveys show that many people have accepted this as a part of their lives and they have agreed to accept it as it [SKY UK (2013)]. Parents and teachers do not agree with acceptance of this crime because they argue that cyber bullying, no matter what, negatively impacts the brain and depression takes over gradually over the victim [SKY UK (2013)].
People usually do not consider cyber bullying as a serious threat to their lives and a federal crime because they are not aware of the federal legislative measures taken by the government to control it. Governments all over the world are adding constitutional provisions to control this crime. Although there is no law in USA that directly addresses cyber bullying because it is difficult to envelope this term in few words due to diversified forms of bullying over internet [ (2015)]. Following legislative measures indirectly categorize cyber bullying as a crime in the USA:
1- Civil Rights Act of 1964 [ (2015)]
2- Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 [ (2015)]
3- Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) [ (2015)]
4- All laws addressing student and youth Harassments address this issue [ (2015)]
Cyber Bullying is a potentially severe crime and public awareness about this issue is of prime importance. Parents, Teachers, Young Adults, and corporate professionals must be aware of their federal and legislative rights in this regard and technological companies must keep regulations to keep this issue at bay.

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