Literature   discussion

1 paragraph with reference for each question1.No plan can succeed without leadership. Having a strong  leader can make the difference between failure and success for any endeavor. Post  a brief description of your population and the plan idea you have for  addressing their health needs. This time identify who should lead the  implementation of your plan. Describe what characteristics make them qualified  to put into action your “baby” (after all, you didn’t spend weeks  developing this plan just to hand it off to just anyone).2.Healthcare organizations are becoming more and more diverse  as men and women of various ages, ethnicities and religious beliefs work side  by side. As a department manager, you recognize the contributions of your  diverse workforce.One day at lunch you are approached by an employee who  states, “I don’t like the newest member of our department. He dresses  weird and every time he makes lunch it smells funny. Can you talk to him?”  How would you respond? Before the end of the week, return and comment on  another student’s post.

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