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Watch this video the final activity, this week, I’d like to write one full page (at least 350 words) in which you map a theme through “The Complete Gentleman” and one other work that you’ve read this semester.The video above provides an extended example of the process of theme mapping. It’s impossible to complete this activity without watching the video. Here are some brief requirements for this activity:A. You must identify at least two pieces of evidence (i.e. quotations, characters, or events) from “The Complete Gentleman” related to a single theme.B. The theme may be of your choice, but you should not use the theme of “outsiders,” since that was used in the video.C. From the CoyoteKillsTheGiant, you must identify at least two pieces of evidencethat also contains this theme.D. Write one page in which you discuss the evidence and the theme in the “The Complete Gentleman” and how it compares to the appearance of this theme in any other work that we’ve read.Here some theme suggestions in case you get stuck, though you are welcome to choose other themes:Colonialism/ImperialismModernityMagicAnimalsCultural RitesPowerLand/LocationClothesin 12 hours

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