Literature   Literary Analysis Paper – Everyman

For this assignment, we will be using the play, EverymanLink of the book (Everyman) : USE THE LINK!•Through an analysis of the literature, prove that the play,  Everyman should be considered a Renaissance play.•Create your argument/analysis through any of the following means:•1. Use of literary devices – symbolism; character analysis; style•2. Use of themes•3. Use of compare/contrast with historical and/or contextual ideas/conceptsDo not summarize the story.The purpose of the document is not to inform the readers, but to argue a particular interpretation.Format for the Literary Analysis PaperLength: 3-4 pages, MLA formatMake sure lines are double-spaced; use 1″ margins; header must be on every page and numbered consecutively:1. View header/footer2. Right justify3. Type your last name and a space4. Click on the button, “Insert Page Number,” and closeSourcework: Minimum of 2 additional sources, with the play being your primary source — -this means you will have at least 3 sources listed on the Works Cited page.Sources MUST come from the NLC Library or from Google Scholar. DO NOT conduct a random Google search for research. This is rarely beneficial.You will document sources used within your paper, as well as on a Works Cited page at the end of your work. To document within your paper, use parenthetical notation (author’s last name page number). Many electronic sources do not offer page numbers, so just cite the author’s last name within the notation..Your first source will be your literature. You must utilize the source in order to analyze the literature there! For your other research sources, you may use NLC’s library databases and book catalog.You will have more than enough information to help state your case. Oftentimes, you will gather too much information; be sure to narrow down your paperwork to avoid confusion.Wikipedia, SparkNotes, eNotes, and other sources of this nature are not considered reliable, credible sources and are not to be used in the research of your analysis.Paper should be comprised of 5 sections; the first 4 must be in the third person (he, she, it, they) and never in the second person (you):Section 1. Introduction – State your thesis. What is the question that you are asking? What will you be analyzing in the literature text?Section 2. Biographical/Cultural Implications – Discuss the author’s biography and the culture and society during the time of the author’s publishing life.Section 3. Summary – Briefly, (one paragraph) summarize the literary text. Assume that the readers will not have read your selection. Bring the reader up to speed without using the summary as the basis of your paper.Section 4. Analysis – This is the section where you will address your thesis statement or question. Most of your sources will be cited here. Remember, if the reader may ask, “How did you know this?” you need to be sure to document your research within every paragraph.Section 5. Conclusion – End your paper by incorporating your opinion. This is the only section in the paper where you will be able to write in the first person. Sections 1 through 4 must be written in the third person.

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