MGNT 925: Research Project (MBA)

MGNT 925: Research Project (MBA)


Masters of Business Administration

MGNT 925: Research Project (MBA)

Research Proposal


Assignment 1:

Outsourcing Trends in the UAE and Its Implications on the Industry













1500 words (body of Proposal). Do not count words in tables, charts, figures when determining the word length.

There is no limit to what can be placed in the appendix, provided it is relevant, and reference is made to it in the proposal. Each separate appendix should be lettered (Appendix A, Appendix B, etc.). The order they are presented in is dictated by the order they are mentioned in the text of the report. It is essential to refer to each appendix within the main body of the proposal; for example, For growth rates, see Appendix B or Appendix B contains the growth rates of …The assessment must be Harvard referenced, typed, Arial 11 font, 1.5 spaced and delivered in a proposal style format.

Proposal should contain the following elements:

  1. Title Page
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Problem, Significance and Purpose of Study
  5. Research Questions, Definitions, Assumptions, Limitations
  6. Literature Review: critical review of key framework, theories relevant for the research
  7. Methodology Research design and methods, context, population and sampling, preliminary data sources
  8. References in Harvard referencing style
  9. Appendix table to summarize the research questions and objectives, theories, research method and preliminary data sources





Research question:  

Outsourcing Trends in the UAE and Its Implications on the Industry.

  • Types of outsourcing taking place in Dubai. ( outsourcing within and outside the UAE)
  • Why is it a trend?
  • What are the determinants of outsourcing?
  • What are the challenges of outsourcing? (Production quality, time, communication issues, travel costs for quality control… (other ideas are welcome as well)).
  • Implications of outsourcing: positive (cost, Time, etc…), negative (financial dimension, impact on jobs, implication on policy makers).


Note: As for this research, an interview with a Design principle at a multinational company is available ( a consultant firm that provides architectural and interior design services that outsources their production of their design packages in the Philippines )





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