Political Science  8 discussions help

7 DISCUSSION DONE, 1 LEFTDiscussion 5:As  discussed in class sexual assault on college campuses are a serious  problem and present a unique challenge to the college themselves.  For  example if an individual has been identified as a suspect in a sexual  assault and the college fails to report (if the victim wants to  prosecute) and have the police investigate it there is potential  liability, if the individual continues with the same behavior and  commits another offense.  Left unchecked a suspect who commits one rape  will likely continue the behavior.Watch this PSA on a Campaign to End Sexual Assault on Campuses:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_8QgL3kAMQWhat are methods being employed at college campus parties and bars across the country to prevent crimes against women?Discussion 6:As  I mentioned during the lecture incorporating youth into community  policing is extremely important to help achieve success in the  community.  Watch the video and respond to the questions below in your  post.  Also remember to respond to two other students posts to receive  the maximum points allowed.Watch this news segment on a Junior Police Academy:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbQKfA7qUgsWhat  police skills are taught to youths in the program? How do you think  this program helps to promote good citizenship and positive attitudes  towards one’s community?Discussion 7:What if you volunteered as a police officer at a community center in a  gang-infested neighborhood? What kind of programs would you support to  help lessen the neighborhood’s gang problem and enhance police community  relations?FINAL DISCUSSION:As you reflect on the class this semester I want you to share with everyone what you felt was the most important thing you learned.  I want your opinion on what had a profound affect on your personally in regards to Police Community Relations. Consider your perspective regarding the police in general, do you have more or less trust and why?

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