Political Science  Extra credit

A Total of Maximum of 4 Extra Credit Points towards lowest scoring test out of Test 1 or Test 2.submit a one page video/reading review that answers the questions provided IN AN ESSAY FORMAT (Double Spaced, Font 12 Times New Roman). Each Assignment is worth from 2 to 4 points. For a total of 4 points. I will not give extra extra credit for work submitted that goes beyond the 4 point mark.Once you are ready to submit via Turnitin make sure to fuse your assignments into ONE DOCUMENT. Format: The submission should include your name, course number, title of review. It should be a double-spaced paper, typewritten in font-size 12 (preferably Times New Roman font). Be sure to proofread! If your reviews are poorly written I cannot give you the extra credit.I WILL NOT ACCEPT LATE ASSIGNMENTS, this is extra credit.—-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=–Salvador (2 points)SeeWhat’s Driving People out of El Salvador? (Links to an external site.)1. What is driving people out of El Salvador? (answer in an essay format)2. Why are people hopeful with El Salvador’s new President?linkhttps://www.nytimes.com/video/world/americas/100000006335421/el-salvador-migrants-gang-violence.html———-Cuba (2 points):Answer the following questions after reading the article by Yoani Sanchez on Cuba  “After 50-Plus Years, Finally It Won’t Cost $1 a Minute to Make a Call From Miami to Havana (Links to an external site.)”(Links to an external si1. In 2015 how easy was it for Cuban’s to make a telephone call to the US?2. How did the situation change in 2017?3. How hopeful is  the  dissident Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez of the future of communications in Cuba?4. What are your observations of this article?linkhttps://www.huffpost.com/entry/after-fifty-plus-years-fi_b_6866432

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