Select your product or service offering from the list in the Writing Assignment Discussion Forum

Subject: Business    / Marketing

Week 2 Writing Assignment It has to be about Dr. Pepper soft drinks Learning Outcomes

Creating Value for Customers: Student can demonstrate an understanding of the concept of value creation

The Role of the Customer in the Company’s Strategic Planning. Student can assess the company’s com

as evidenced in a company’s mission statement.

SWOT analysis: Student can conduct a simple SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Thr

offering and draw inferences from an analysis of the results.

Competitive Analysis: Student can conduct a simple competitive analysis based on criteria important to the



Select your product or service offering from the list in the Writing Assignment Discussion Forum. This list is also

product/service will be used in all of the writing assignments.

Research your product or service offering through the Internet and UMUC’s virtual library (your references will n

sources. See library services if you do not know what an academic source means). Do not limit yourself to sear

service name. Look up the industry it is in ( is a good source for this via the UMUC library) and sea

Look up the direct competitors. Check industry journals and the trade press. Ask your family, friends, coworker

about the product and each of the competitors. You may want to visit a retailer to compare the products on the

websites. Keep all your research as you will need it for future writing assignments.

Prepare your assignment beginning with a title page with your name and and the name of your product or servi

following four questions in order and number the beginning of your response to each question. You do not need

Creating Value for Customers. Consider the customers you believe currently use your product or service and

offered in the course content. As we begin our study of marketing, what are your preliminary thoughts as to ho

creates value for its customers based on the concepts in this week’s readings.

Role of the Customer in the Company’s Strategic Plan. The readings indicate that the best marketing be that commitment to the customer begins with including the customer in the company’s mission statement. Fin

statement. Repeat it (or attach as an exhibit if it is too long) and comment on its effectiveness in demonstratin

to having a customer focus. Could the mission statement have more focus on the customer? How would you re

it supported with value statements or other evidence of a customer focus?

SWOT analysis. Identify at least one element of each of the SWOT categories (a strength, a weakness, an opp

Explain your choice using a citation if needed. Then identify possible implications for each of the four elements

a a strong national brand name, the implication is that the company may be able to launch other related produ

umbrella of the same brand name. Conversely, if a major weakness is the company is carrying a lot of debt, the

company not not be able to achieve significant growth, but may have to consider retrenchment strategies.

Competitive Analysis. Identify at least two major competitors or those two products that are trying to sell ess

the same type of consumer. Then, identify at least three criteria that are important to those consumers when t

as to which of the three competing offers to buy (e.g. price, specific benefit, service, warranty, convenience, sp

little chart with the three criteria along the left-hand side and the competitor products (including your own prod

each of the products on a scale from 1= low to 5= high on each performs on each of the three criteria. Add dow

product ranked highest overall based on the sum of the columns. Then, look at the highest score in each of the

products ranked the highest on each of the three criteria? Was it the same product, was it three different produ

you about the competitive environment of your product category. Which product is the leader? Which product

nicher if those categories apply? Attach your chart as an exhibit.

Part 2 – Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, Management and Empowerment

Learning Outcomes

Customer empowerment. Student can identify how their chosen product or service offering uses social netw

empower customers to be part of the marketing process.

Customer satisfaction. Student can identify how customers communicate their satisfaction or dissatisfaction

service offering.

Customer Relationship Management. Student can explain customer lifetime value and how a customer rela

program can have a role in attracting and retaining most valuable customers.

Customer privacy. Student can identify the product or service offerings privacy policy and analyze its effectiv

customer’s information.

Directions You may want to find a Most Valuable Customer (MVC) of the product or service if you are not one yourself, or a

What is the evidence of an MVC of your product or service? It isn’t just that the customer regularly buys the pr

that the customer is treated differently — better — than other customers. It means that the MVC represents abo

revenues. These are the customers with whom the company regularly communicates, offers special deals, an

text and as you can find with just a little bit of googling on the internet.

You may want to calculate the lifetime value of a most valuable customer. See the discussion of the lifetime va

reading, and calculate the LTV using this simple equation: LTV = (Price – cost to produce the product) * number

of years expected to purchase – initial acquisition costs. For simplicity sake, you can assume your customer wil

for ten years and you can make an educated guess as to how much the initial acquisition costs were to get him

advertising or other types of promotion efforts. If you are not an MVC yourself, make and share your assumpti

you are not an MVC, you might want to find someone who is and ask them why they are loyal to the product or

company does for them that is special that they don’t do for other customers.

You may need call or visit a store to take a look at your product or service if the website does not provide you e

evaluate the company’s product or service privacy policy. Usually the privacy policy is available on the website

Answer the following four questions in order and number the beginning of your response to each question.

Customer Empowerment. How does your product or service offering empower its customers as discussed i

week? In other word, how are customers part of the marketing for the company? Identify the feedback vehicles

social media. Do the social media efforts seem to be creating buzz marketing? If not, what could they do to gen

Customer satisfaction. How does your product or service offering communicate ways for customers to expre

possible, outline what remedies the product or service may be taking to ensure satisfaction.

Customer Relationship Management. Does it appear that your product has a customer relationship manag

words, do they treat the top tier of customers differently than other customers? If so, what is your evidence? If

strategy? Or, are there compelling reasons why your product or service should treat all customers the same? R

concepts in your response.

Customer privacy. Review your product or service offering’s privacy policy (usually published on its website).

they do enough to protect the customer’s privacy or what steps you might suggest they take to protect custom

privacy policies or the information on warranties and guarantees. The company’s customer support page migh

publish a remedy should the customer’s privacy be breached? Should they?

General Submission Requirements Prepare as a word processed document (such as Microsoft Word). Use a simple 12-point font such as Times New

majority of your work and only use colors if it enhances your ability to communicate your thoughts.

• Your assignment should be the equivalent of approximately five pages of double-spaced text, approximately

questions (four in Part 1 and four in Part 2). You may attach exhibits that will not be counted towards the page

The cover page and Bibliography page are not part of the five pages of written analysis.

• Be sure your name, writing assignment number, and the name of your product or service are on the cover pag

• Include a bibliography, which includes at least four references.

You may use MLA or APA style, or any other college-level style guide. More information about using a style guid

virtual library accessible from your LEO classroom or at

• Upload your word processed document in your LEO assignments folder by the due date in the LEO calendar.

Refer to the grading rubric associated with the assignments. Be sure to note that 20% of your grade on this ass

grammar, composition, adherence to the submission requirements, and use of an appropriate college-level styl





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