Submit a two- to three-page Word document using 12-pt. font and APA format. In your paper include a title sheet and 2-3 references

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Instructions for Capstone Project Part 3
Now that you have conducted a cultural review along with developing some marketing strategies for entry into the country it is time to begin the third part of the project which continues from Project Part 2. Using the same company of choice that is proposing an expansion opportunity oversea conduct a strategic audit on the following areas:
Internal environment
External environment
Problem analysis
Recommendations and implementation costs
Evaluation and Control Processes
Submit a two- to three-page Word document using 12-pt. font and APA format. In your paper include a title sheet and 2-3 references. Only one reference may be found on the internet. The other references must be found in the Grantham University online library. Only the body of the paper will count toward the word requirement.
Helpful tips
Internal Environment
You should look at your organizations existing structure and determine if there are any changes that are needed to accommodate the expansion.Nextyou should look at the financial health of your company to determine if expansion is feasible.Alsolook at your employees skill set and qualifications to determine if expansion with your current workforce is advisable.Finallylook at the management team to determine if it is capable of handling the expansion.(Notekeep your company brand in mind when writing all of this.)
External Environment
You will want to discuss the current politicallegaland ethical situations at your host countryalong where the company is presently located.Nextyou will want to look at infrastructure to see if there are any limits for distribution of your productsfactory developmentand receiving shipments from oversees.Other factors you will want to consider are social normsavailable technologyand qualified workers.
You should identify the strengths of your company.Please relate these strengths to how they will benefit your expansion project.
Please make sure you are giving an in-depth analysis and using outside sources to help you support your positions.
Recommendations and Implementation
You will want to be very specific on your recommendations and explain why you have suggested them.Make sure you explain the costs associated with your recommendations and how that will impact the health of your company.Finallybe very specific in how you plan to implement the recommendations.You will want to address any leading and lagging indicators that would determine if things are going well or not(You can introduce them here and provide a detail explanation in the Evaluation and control Section).
Evaluation and Control Measures
In this section you will want to explain how you plan to evaluate the success of your recommendations and if the implementation process is working.You can identify leading and lagging indicators.You can suggest the use of business analytics or other models.Finallyexplain what specific measure you plan to use to determine if the recommendations were successful or not.




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