Sun Tzu research papers discuss the famous text called the Art of War

Sun Tzu Research Papers
Sun Tzu research papers discuss the famous text called the Art of War.
Research papers on Sun Tzu inevitably discuss his brilliant work Art of War. It should be the purpose of a research paper to discuss one of the main points made by this tract, the Taoist theory of effective leadership, and to apply it to a business setting.  Research on Sun Tzu will include the fact that this remarkable little book is a valuable propaedeutic to the study of leadership, strategic planning, and organizational behavior in the modern business environment.
Sun Tzu research papers point out that over the past two decades, partly as a result of books like Krause’s The Way of the Leader and The Art of War for Executives, and Lundell’s The Art of War for Traders and Investors, there has been a great deal of attention paid by the business world to Sun Tzu’s text entitled The Art of War. This Chinese, Taoist work on military strategy and tactics has been traditionally attributed to a man named Sun Tzu.  It is believed to have been composed between the fifth and third centuries B.C.  A short work, written in a concise, lapidary style, The Art of War contains a wealth of observations that may be as easily applied to business as to war.Â
Sun Tzu’s Art of War deals with the following:

Tactics for warfare
Intelligence operations
Organization in combat
The elements of command
Control in battle
Motivational engineering
Human relations


We should begin with a discussion of the all-important concept of Tao.  I believe that in both of his above named books Donald Krause has not given sufficient attention to this concept, which, after all, is central to The Art of War. In The Way of the Leader he argues that both Sun Tzu and Confucius call for a type of leadership that is proactive.  I would not quarrel with that entirely, but I think that what Taoism–here departing from a more bureaucratic philosophy, Confucianism—enjoins, vis a vis a leader’s behavior, involves a set of attributes that are not usually identified with the word “proactive” as it is commonly used in management circles today.Â




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