The various gun control policies affect the American public

I am studying how the various gun control policies affect the American public.I am exploring the issues on gun control from both a legal and a social standpoint. I intend to address conservative/republican government officials who should propose suitable laws in favor of gun control setting aside economic reasons and basing decisions on the grounds of humanity. Also I am exploring the range of viewpoints on how much the legal system should regulate those who should own guns and my expectation is that at the end of this research I will be able to persuade those in the helms of affair to not only reason with me but also change their views and take the necessary action to change this heart aching situation.

Take a stance on a debate/argument covered in the annotated bibliography “American public opinion on hand gun control”.( Please refer to previous order). Gather information from interviews and textual sources about the specific controversy, and compose a thesis-driven essay based on your research. You will address and analyze issues connected to the controversy issue. Using at least 8 or more scholarly articles or books focusing on the controversial issue. You need to develop an insightful position regarding your primary and textual research.What discrepancies, tensions, or contradictions can you find in the information you’ve collected? What comparisons can you make between your sources? How and why do you agree or disagree with the researchers? Have the researchers overlooked any important details? What can you add to the discussion on the controversial subject? Your contribution to this subject will be your central argument. As a researcher, recording, interpreting, and analyzing other people’s experiences and writing, you have a responsibility to treat others with respect, understanding, and insight. The writing should be in Garamond font size 12, MLA standard using sources from the previous annotated bibliography, one source from a think tank, book “Gun violence opposing viewpoints” edited by Margareta Haerens, at least 3 scholarly journal articles available in electronic full text and any other concrete additional source like popular magazine article, films, commercial or personal website and the list goes on. Please include 12 or more quotes from the various sources you use. Most importantly, please I would like you to use on line sources that I can have easy assess to because I couldn’t find some of the sources that was used in my last order. Also you can use online cuesta college for some of your resource like journal articles because I have easy assess to it.




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