What are the outcomes or goals?

Policy Analysis Paper. This is your major term paper, and an in-depth analysis of a current social policy based on the social policy analysis model described in the text. The analysis will address the people affected by the issue under consideration in terms of age, race, sex, income, and residency. The history of the issue will be presented as well as previous attempts to address the issue. The basis of eligibility, nature of the benefits, goals, administrative structure and financing will also be explored in the analysis. Your discussion will also include ethical dilemmas and diversity issues involved with the selected social policy, and the use of the NASW Code of Ethics in guiding ethical decision making. The Saint Leo core value of responsible stewardship is to be demonstrated in the policy analysis. This paper must be between 7-10 pages, typed, double-spaced, use Times Roman font 12 pt, have no additional spaces between paragraphs, and ensure that the first sentence of each paragraph is indented. Correct spelling, grammar, and sentence structure is imperative. Title and references pages must accompany the paper. The references must include at least 5 peer reviewed journal articles or text references which must be cited correctly according to the APA format 6th edition. Paper must follow the American Psychological Association (APA) format

Policy Analysis Paper Format
You may want to develop headings for each of the sections of your policy analysis in
order to maintain structure and organization and to ensure that you have covered each
of the points of the analysis. For example:
1.) Description of the problem that necessitated the policy
 What is the nature of the problem?
 How widespread is it?
 What are the causes of it?
 Who is affected by it & how? The analysis will address the people affected by
the issue under consideration in terms of age, diversity issues, gender,
income, and residency.
2.) History of the policy
What attempts were made in the past to address the problem? Were they
successful? If not, why?
3.) Policy Description
 How does it work?
 What does it provide? Vouchers? Monies? Benefits?
 Who is covered by it? Eligibility Criteria?
 How is it implemented?
 What are the outcomes or goals? Are they just & democratic?
Are they consistent with the values of the social work profession?
Do they contribute to the greater good? Are there any ethical issues
Involved in the process or the implementation?
 How is it funded?
 How is it administered?
 Who oversees it?
 Is it effective?
 How long will it be in existence?
4.) Feasibility
 Political feasibility:
Does the public believe it can happen?
ie: a national system of health care
Who will support or oppose the policy?
 Economic feasibility:
How is it funded?
ie: “pay-go” funding (reallocation)
 Administrative feasibility:
Effectiveness – will (or does) the policy do what it’s supposed to?
Efficiency – cost-effectiveness
5.) Remember to incorporate the Saint Leo core value of responsible stewardship
throughout your analysis!




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