What sales presentation method was Mike using?

Answer each of these questions based on Case 9.1 in your

Situation: Mike Bowers sells soap products to grocery wholesales
and large retail grocery chains. The following presentation
occurred during a call he made on Bill Reese, the soap buyer for a
grocery store.

Salesperson: Bill, you have stated several times that the types of
promotions or brands that really turn you on are ones that carry
the best profit. Is that right?

Customer: Yes, it is. I’m under pressure to increase my
profit-per-square-foot in my department.

Salesperson: Bill, I recommend that you begin carrying the king
size of Cascade. Let’s review the benfits and economics of this
proposal. King-size Cascade would cost you 86.8 cents a box. The
average resale in this market is 99 cents. That means that you
would make 12.2 cents every time you sell a box of king-size
Cascade. Based on my estimated volume for your store of $40,000.
per week, you would sell apprxoimately two case of king-size
Cascale per week. That is $19.80 in new sales and $2.44 in new
profits per week for your store. As you can see, the addition of
Cascade 10 to your automoatic diswashing detergent department will
increase your sales and , even more importantly, increase your
profits – and this is what you said you wanted to do, right?

Customer: Yes, I am interested in increasing profits.

Salesperson: Do you want me to give this information to the head
stock clerk so that she can make arrangements to put Cascade 10s on
the shelf? Or would you like me to put it on the shelf on my next

What sales presentation method was Mike using?
Do you think this was the best method Mike could have used in this
situation? Why? Do you think another method would have been better?
If so, why?

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