Assignment 3: Moneyball Moneyball a

Assignment 3: Moneyball
Moneyball a book by Michael Lewis (2003) highlights how
creativity framing and robust technical analysis all played a
part in the development of a new approach to talent management in
baseball. It also exhibited great examples of the biases and
psychological pitfalls that plague decision makers.
Review the article Whos on First? by Thaler & Sunstein
(2003) from this modules assigned readings. This article reviews
the book Moneyball by Michael Lewis.
Write a critique of the article including the following
Examine why sabermetric-based player evaluation is such a shock
to other executives in baseball. Evaluate why Beane is much more
effective in his success by constructing a matrix of pitfalls and
heuristics that highlight the differences between Beanes team and
other executives. Moneyball highlights how people tend to
overestimate the likelihood of success and end up facing financial
lossin this case it meant forfeiting millions of dollars. Analyze
a professional or personal decision (yours or otherwise) that
highlights this predilection in spite of substantial losses.
Explain how you would apply Moneyballs management lessons in your
own endeavors. Write a 35-page paper in Word format. Apply APA
standards to citation of sources. Use the following file naming
convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M1_A3.doc.
Assignment 2: DiscussionMungers Mental Models
In his article A Lesson on Elementary Worldly Wisdom as it
Relates to Investment Management & Business Charles Munger
(1995) wrote about tools techniques and critical skills that
great managers need to develop.
Consider Mungers thoughts on the importance of mental models.
Respond to the following:
In your own words describe what Munger means by mental models.
Examine how Mungers concept of mental models has changed your
ideas of decision making in investment management and business.
Describe at least one example from your own experience where your
perspective or experience provided a mode of thought that brought
new light to a discussion or a tough decision. Explain how this
experience has affected your decision-making process. Munger C. T.
(1995). A lesson on elementary worldly wisdom as it relates to
investment management & business. Outstanding Investor Digest
1 4963.
By Saturday June 24 2017 post your response to the
appropriate Discussion Area. Through Monday June 26 2017 review
and comment on at least two peers responses.
Write your initial response in 300500 words. Your response
should be thorough and address all components of the discussion
question in detail include citations of all sources where needed
according to the APA Style and demonstrate accurate spelling
grammar and punctuation




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