conform to the proper procedures or he will be written up.

Choose one of the professional scenarios provided. Write a Block Business Letter (in the form of the posted example from Week 4) from the perspective of the company management. It should provide bad news and follow the guidelines outlined in Chapter 7: Delivering Bad-News Messages inBCOM7(pages 110-128).
The message should take the block business letter form from the posted example; however you will submit your assignment to the online course shell.
The block business letter must adhere to the following requirements:
Your assignment must:
Submitting your assignment:
The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:
Assignment 2.docx
Workplace Scenarios
John shows up to work approximately five minutes late this morning walks silently (but quickly) down the hallway and begins to punch in at the time clock located by the front desk. Kim the front desk manager says Good morning John but John simply ignores her punches in and heads into the shop to his workplace. Kim rolls her eyes picks up the phone and dials the on-duty manager to alert her that John just arrived and should be reaching his workplace at that moment.
Savannah is the lead on a project with a team of six other people. The project involves using an outside vendors software. Without consulting Savannah Amber (a senior team member) sends a professional email to the vendor asking for a change to the existing software. The vendor responds to the entire team expressing concern over making the requested change.
Paul has worked for the company four years. During that time he had one manager and three difference supervisors without any major conflicts. Due to a merger the management structure changed and Pauls former manager Pat is now the general manager. Sharon Pauls new manager has a meeting with Paul over concerns that proper protocol is not being followed. Sharon tells Paul he must conform to the proper procedures or he will be written up. Paul protests as the process he uses was designed as a work around by Pat. Sharon writes Paul up for insubordination.




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