Describe how data will be collected (measure, assessment instrument, etc.) and the rationale for the chosen data collection

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In your 2-3 page assignment, you will include a number of items:

Clarify the purpose of the needs assessment that you are proposing.
Identify the setting, the population of interest and stakeholders.
Draft ONE goal for your needs assessment and provide a clear and thorough rationale supported with at least ONE data point.
NOTE: this is a change from the original instructions and reduces the number of goals and data points. I want you to concentrate on developing a one goal with a strong rationale. Be thorough and descriptive.
Describe how data will be collected (measure, assessment instrument, etc.) and the rationale for the chosen data collection.
Design an instrument (like a survey) OR critically evaluate and adopt an existing instrument.
NOTE: If you are going to develop a survey, you must include it at the end of your paper. You will also describe how you will use it, administer it, etc. If you choose to use an existing instrument instead of developing one, your proposal will include a detailed description of the instrument and include things like is it pen and paper or online, cost of the instrument, does it require particular training? I should have good understanding of where you’re going to get it and how it will be used.
Propose how the data will be analyzed. In other words, if you are going to use scored instruments, what are you going to do with those scores? If you are going to do a survey, what will you do with the answers?
Describe how the results will be disseminated. In other words, what will you do with the information? Who will you give it to and why?

You assignment is due by day 7. Make sure to support your work with scholarly resources in every section to show that you understand how and why you are doing what you are proposing to do.

Here is a guide you can use:

Needs Assessment Example Template

Purpose (What is the program you are proposing and what is the overall purpose of the needs assessment? What do you need to know and why?)

Potential Program (What is the program that you are looking to offer? What is the setting where it will take place, who will be the potential clients for the service and who are the stakeholders for your needs assessment? This might include other potential treatment providers, the administration of the agency where you are working or the service might be offered, or perhaps other agencies that might make referrals like Department of Human services, local court systems, etc).

Goal (What is the overall goal of your needs assessment? What do you want to know and why?)

Data (What data will you collect to inform your assessment? Specify whether it is quantitative data or qualitative data. Why have you chosen this?

Data Collection (Describe how you will go about collecting the data. Be specific. )

Data Analysis (Describe how you will use the data. If it is a quantitative measure, what will you do with the scores? If it is a qualitative measure, what will do with the information that you gather? This section should include information that demonstrates that you understand how you will take the information that you have chosen to gather and how you will put it together to build a rationale for starting your program)

Dissemination Once you have everything gathered and analyzed, who will you give it to and why?

Conclusion (give a concise overview of your proposal).




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