Describe specific incidents that illustrate each component.

If you have access to ESPN or Netflix, you will watch the ESPN 30 for 30: Brian and the Boz. How did the “30 for 30: the Boz” relate to brand image and living the brand promise? What are your thoughts on the Boz and other athletes who self-brand themselves? What are the benefits, limitations, and consequences of this? Do you feel that a team should take on an athlete’s brand as their own? Or how can they incorporate it? What other take always do you have from this? choose 2 of the 4 following discussion questions. Examine the traits of the Tampa Bay Rays listed in Figure 12.2. If you were asked to prioritize these traits in terms of marketing to the Tampa community, which would be at the top of your list? Why? Assume the Rays have a limited marketing budget; rank the traits from highest to lowest. Explain your rankings. Access,, and Compare these secondary ticket market websites in terms of ease of use from the perspective of the seller, and of the buyer. Which site do you prefer? Why? How do mascots add to the experience of attending a sporting event? in your view, are there any drawbacks to using mascots as part of a strategy to increase the tangibility of sports service delivery? Think about the last sporting event you attended. Go through the five components of service quality (intangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy). Describe specific incidents that illustrate each component. Did each incident contribute to a positive or negative experience with the sporting event? (If you cannot think of incidents in the last event, then discuss other events that illustrate each concept.)




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