• List all sources in alphabetical order with last names appearing first.

I have a 3 page expository essay on the book Open City by Teju Cole. That was the first part of this essay, the second part of the essay is analytical. Basically, you take the first 3 pages that are already done and add analytical parts to it and blend it so it all flows. The analytical parts should be based off the ideas in the first essay and it should all flow nicely. It needs to use MLA citation and works cited. I added the full essay instructions and description. It needs three peer-reviewed secondary sources from scholarly journals or books.ENG 2150
Final Due Date: 10/31/2016 (printed/hardcopy submitted in class)
Write an Analytical essay of approximately 4-5 pages, using essay #1 as the basis for your analysis. The new elements to be added to this essay are:
• Three peer-reviewed secondary sources from scholarly journals or books.
• Ideas in your essay should be presented in the form of an analysis and not just summarized, or merely explained.
• The essay must follow the MLA style format (points will be deducted for faulty formatting) that includes a “Works Cited” page listing your sources. For rules on MLA formatting go to: https://owl.english.purdue.edu.
Writing Guidelines: Please read these instructions before you start writing – go back to them as many times as needed during writing.
Your essay should consist of an introductory paragraph that includes a clear Thesis Statement, six to eight body paragraphs (depending on the length of each paragraph), and a conclusion paragraph.
You must create an outline to write this essay. Outline for this essay should be submitted on the last page of the essay. This means that the outline should follow the “Works Cited” page on a separate page for submission. Here are some suggestions for structuring the content of your essay:
Give your paper a unique title that indicates the topic and the focus of your thesis. Use your imagination. Since this is a new essay even though it is the same topic, you are expected to have a different title. (points will be deducted if instructions for title is not followed)
Introductory Paragraph
• Attention Grabber/Opening Statement: point out why your topic is significant. Provide some background or context for your topic.
• Thesis Statement: Underline your thesis statement for this assignment. This will help you to revise easily and keep the focus of your paper. After each paragraph, read the thesis statement to see if you are still on the same topic. Submit your essay with the underlined thesis.

Body Paragraph 1
• May contain one or more quotes for primary or secondary sources. This paragraph should develop ONE idea about your main topic. Use illustration, and examples as supporting details for your analysis. Avoid writing in the first person. If you illustrations and examples are long you may use an additional paragraph in support of this idea.
Body Paragraphs 2, 3, 4 etc. is developed in the same format to show progression of your ideas.
Concluding Paragraph:
• Summarize your findings
• End with a memorable statement
Works Cited page:
• List all sources in alphabetical order with last names appearing first.
• List primary source as it appears in the alphabetical order of the page.
• Follow rules for MLA style from the Purdue website listed above.
What is an Analytical Essay?
Definition: An analytical essay seeks to explore a central idea or question based on a text(s) and a student’s engagement with that text. Key to the analysis is breaking down the text into components and showing the relationship between the subordinate arguments and overall controlling ideas. It must move beyond summary, description, or narration.
An analytical essay
Responds to and examines ideas from a text or a variety of texts. The text(s) may include the following:
• an idea, a relationship, essay, novel, poems, movie, lyrics, life story, symbols, icons, or even a physical structure such as a shopping mall, autobiography, journal articles, fiction/non-fiction/creative non-fiction, auditory/visual/tactile media.
• The essay examines/uses texts.
• Is based on a central idea.
• This idea must be supported by evidence, which may include examples.
• Quotes and paraphrases may be used but always explained, in order that the essay not simply be a list of quotes.
• A key component of the essay is that it must show a clear connection of the evidence to the central idea.
• The essay should exhibit a connection between parts.
• The essay should follow a logical order of thinking, but it should not follow a formula. Shows some critical thinking, such as making inferences, interpreting evidence, anticipating readers’ needs, comparison/contrast, synthesis, argumentation, analysis, and/or problem-solving skills.
• Demonstrates awareness of counter-argument.
• The essay clarifies issues or shows why a simple resolution is not possible.
• The writer demonstrates an awareness of more than one perspective.
• Exhibits a clear sense of audience and purpose.
• Exhibits the essay writer’s own thinking process and shows a developing sense of originality, creativity, and voice.
Note: The Analytical Essay is worth 15% of your overall course grade. Only one submission will be allowed for this essay. This means that there will be no opportunity to revise.




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