Research Papers on Children with AIDS

Research Papers on Children with AIDS
Children with AIDS and explore the difficult process of AIDS in children.
Research papers on children with AIDS discuss the incidence of children with AIDS around the world and in the United States. Research on AIDS among children look at the disease from a social aspect as well as the unique problems associated with children with AIDS.
The care of children who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDs is often a difficult process.  The average developing child typically requires and may demand more physical contact and attention than an adult requires.  During the course of normal childhood activities, the child may injure himself or herself resulting in bleeding.  However, the childcare provider must be cautious due to the possible transmittal of the virus.  Often, nurse educators must conduct training to childcare providers in techniques that facilitate the care of the child with HIV/AIDs.  Part of that training may have to include information regarding how the childcare workers might protect themselves from contracting the virus.  The Research Paper on Children with AIDS discusses the stress responses that may be experienced by childcare providers and this may impact the duties of the nurse educator.

Children with AIDS
These researchers questioned childcare providers as to the level of stress that felt while caring for children who have been diagnosed with having HIV or human immunodeficiency virus.  The level of stress indicated was then compared to the level of professional background of the childcare provider.  Results indicated that there was no relationship between the two (stress level and professional level).  They also examined level of stress with the childcare providers’ level of knowledge regarding the likelihood of HIV transmissions.  Additionally, information was obtained regarding the degree to which the childcare provider agreed with the policies of the facility pertaining to children with HIV.Â
In statistically examining these relationships of children with HIV and childcare providers, the researchers determined that there were significant relationships.  Essentially, in examining these responses, it appears that childcare providers had the highest level of stress when the child was participating in activities that were the most likely to involve a possible transmission of the disease.Â

Children with AIDS and Educators
The authors reviewed the implications of this research to the work of nurse educators.  Nurse educators should attempt to alleviate the stress associated with the care of children with HIV/AIDs in training childcare workers.  They can do this in a number of ways.

One is to present complete and accurate information regarding how HIV can be transmitted from one individual to another.Â
Nurse educators should also provide adequate information regarding the likelihood of transmittal through various ways.Â
Effort should also be made in informing childcare providers the necessary materials they should have available for immediate access in preventing the transmission of HIV.




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